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See home energy
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Lower energy bills, less energy wasted, a more comfortable home all year round—getting a home energy assessment makes a lot of sense and is free for most New York State homeowners. But what actually happens during the process, and what do homeowners have to say about their experiences?

Watch this video to see how a home energy assessment works and what you can expect.

Then read how real New York State homeowners just like you have taken advantage of these programs to make their homes more comfortable . . . and saved a lot of money doing it.

Anna Napoleon

“My gas and electric bills have really gone down. I’m on the budget plan, and right now I’m $218 in my favor. That’s never happened before.”

—Anna Napoleon, Newark, NY

The drafts in Anna’s vintage 1850s home left her rooms cold and her furnace overworked. After making improvements, she was able to cut air leakage by 61 percent and drastically lower her energy bills.

Download the full case study to read the rest of Anna’s story. (Linked PDF may require an external reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

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Ed Scott

“The loan costs increased our energy bill by about $132 a month, but our savings run $150 a month! That means we’re paying for our energy efficiency upgrades with the money that we save each month.”

—Ed Scott, Castleton-On-Hudson, NY

Energy efficiency improvements recommended by their home energy assessment have transformed the Scotts’ chilling winters, sweltering summers, and sky-high energy bills into year-round comfort. And it’s actually costing them less.

Download the full case study to read the rest of the Scotts’ story.

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Ashton Applewhite

“My home no longer leaks like a sieve. I’m saving each month on my energy costs, and I feel good about doing the right thing for me, my tenants, and the environment.”

—Ashton Applewhite, Brooklyn, NY

Before the home energy assessment, you could see the curtains moving inside on a breezy day. Now Ashton’s home is sealed up tight and saving her more than $100 a month in energy bills—a benefit she has also passed on to her tenants.

Download the full case study to read the rest of Ashton’s story.

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