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If you want to learn how to save energy and cut your energy bills, you’ve come to the right place. Watch the entertaining videos and you’ll learn how easy it is to get started.

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Episode 1: “Up, down. Hot, cold. Love takes energy”

Meet Wendy and Russell, two New Yorkers with a home that’s putting a chill on their relationship.

Episode 2, Free comprehensive home assessment.

Episode 2: “Wait, it gets better”

A free comprehensive home assessment through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®—worth every penny Russell and Wendy don’t have to pay.


Episode 3, Put the upgrades on our bill.

Episode 3: “Put the upgrades on our bill”

Selling Russell’s Presidential Sock Collection looks like the only way to pay for the energy upgrades… or is there another way?


Episode 4, The whole house.

Episode 4: “The whole house”

Which comes first—the furnace or the windows? Wrong! Olivia learns about first things first.


Episode 5, Irreconcilable Reflections.

Episode 5: “Irreconcilable Reflections”

Good thing Russell and Wendy no longer have to rely on their memories to keep them warm.


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Watch a real home assessment video

Real home assessment video

See how easy it is to make a plan to save energy—and money!

Drafty rooms, ice dams, freezing pipes. Read how the Coopers tamed the charms of an old house in Spencer, NY.

A lower income doesn’t have to mean less comfort. Read how warmth came to Anna Napoleon’s kitchen through Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Overlook nothing, save plenty. That would be the operating motto of the Mallows, who started with a furnace that needed attention and discovered a host of other energy-wasting issues. Read why Charlie says, “We’re never moving again!”